Emile Descary

Emile Descary, Notaire


  • Notary at Lachine since 1959
  • Holds diploma in corporate law
  • Accredited family mediator

Notary Emile Descary is a man of great experience with particular capacity of settling difficult and delicate situations.

His experience and knowledge in the world of non contested legal matters, permits him to advise you and guide you in a wide variety of fields from matrimonial law to real estate, estate planning as well as in corporation law, condominium rules and municipal legislation.

Myriam Dion

Myriam Dion, Notaire


Notary Myriam Dion's number one priority is the satisfaction of her clients which she strives to obtain through the quality of her personalized notarial services that are at the core of her practice. She is known for her detail-oriented approach which ensures solutions to each and every aspect of her clients' diverse situations. Be it a will, a mandate of incapacity, mediation, the purchase of a property, incorporation, or estate matters, Myriam Dion prides herself on delivering peace of mind.

She's not just a notary, she's YOUR notary!

Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert, Notaire


  • Notary at Lachine since 1972
  • Holds a diploma in fiscal law
  • Accredited in non contested matters

Notary Pierre Robert has developed a particular skill in estate settlement for more than 30 years and has developed a special department in the office for this particular field.

Man of great experience, he may as well advise you in other legal areas such as in real estate, family law, estate planning.


The advantages related to the practice in partnership permit to serve you in every field of non contested legal matters and also permits a continuity of service.


Our office is situated at Lachine, at 3374 Notre-Dame.

Easily accessible, our office is situated in the centre of the City at the end of autoroute 13. Parking near the office is no problem.  


We have a qualified and reliable personnel. Most of them have been in our office for a long time, this is a guaranty of a quality of work, service and personal consideration.


Provide our clients with the best quality of services in all the non contested legal matters and in almost any situation. No matter how big or small is your problem, we will give it all our attention.


Our office is equipped with a central computer system and the most advanced software to give you the best quality of work. You may contact us by internet, telephone, fax or by using our web site.


Notaries exist in at least 40 countries mostly European and Latin countries but also Japan and China.

The equivalent in Anglo Saxon countries is the "Solicitor", in U.S.A. the "Title Attorney" and in English Canada the "non litigation lawyer".

We are the agreement specialist and exercise in all fields of civil law except for litigation.

Also, we are by law Public officers, so that our deeds are authentic documents requiring no other proof and therefore, constitute the best legal proof.

Further, many people do consult a notary to see if an agreement may be reached before facing any litigation.

"Any agreement is better than litigation".

Consult us, it may avoid you useless troubles, expenses and loss of time and may be more . . . .

Better be safe than sorry!

Listening to you properly to give you the best service.

This is what we propose to you.

Yes we are legal cousellors!