Our Services

A will well drafted and a properly chosen executor or liquidator are the two keys to an estate settlement free of problems. We do settle many estates. Therefore, we are in the best position to advise you in the drafting of your will.
We will help you to choose the right solution to your situation so that the chosen solution will not only be legal but also practical, respecting your wishes and protecting properly people you want to advantage.
A power of attorney completed with an incapacity mandate and living will, is a requirement when people attain a certain age. Appointing your own mandatory avoids all the complications of curatorship and permits you to choose the person you want. The power of attorney helps you in the management of your affairs while you are still able but need assistance.
We will coach you in the choice of the proper person to appoint for such important matters.

A notarial will is the "real thing". It is the only will to be authentic, therefore requiring no court probation after death. It is kept in a vault and registered with the Board of Notaries, so it cannot disappear. Also the notary is the will specialist. 

Because it is far cheaper to use a qualified professional, than to try and toy with a situation you know very little about. You will not play in your car, while you have no mechanical knowledge. Why would you try to write a will without knowing exactly what to write and particularly the consequences of the words you will use? Also, there is no saving. Probating a holograph will may cost as much as $1,000.00 or even more. Further, probation will only declare the will to be valid, it will not interpret your will. This can therefore end in court . . . . that is not what you are looking for. 

Preventive professional services are not expensive. The average will may cost you $250.00 to $300.00 and saves cost of probation which costs 3 times more, plus delays, plus possibility of contestation.
Saving money is using preventive services: therefore, you should:

1. Consult before signing any document;
2. Prepare situations by writing a proper notarial will, a marriage contract, a partnership agreement, an agreement between common law spouses, a power of attorney and mandate . . .
3. Choose as notary, a person who will take the time to listen to you and advise you properly.

Its you most important investment, therefore you should be advised properly.
The family patrimony law has important consequences that you should know o,f when you purchase your house. Will you buy alone or jointly, why?
To avoid future conflicts, common law spouses buying jointly a house, should also sign a partnership agreement for the house.

Should you incorporate your business? We will discuss the pros and con's of the incorporation.
We will assist you in preparing a partnership of shareholders agreement, this is essential.
We will keep your minute book in order.
We will work jointly with you other advisors including particularly your accountant.

Since 1989, the family patrimony law has substantially affected family law. We will help you to understand properly this new legislation and to make proper choices either for the purchase of your house, the drafting of your will or a divorce agreement.
Notary Emile Descary is an accredited family mediator and will guide you in achieving a divorce agreement to the best advantage of both parties and your children.
Mediation is really the modern way to solve a divorce to every one's best advantage.

We will assist your liquidator in the settlement of your estate and will guide him/her for the disposition and partition of assets between the heirs.
In our office, we have developed a service specialised in estate settlement, to provide liquidators competent assistance.
Don't forget, we have more than 40 years of experience in this field.
We accept also to act as liquidators, if you so require.